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TOLD THE GUY WHO ANSWERED I THOUGHT THEY HAD THE WRONG NUMBER AND WHAT BANK OR CC ISSUER THEY WERE CALLING FROM. Fayette Police Dept., Iowa - I am the Chief of Police in Fayette, Iowa and have received calls from this number. FCC where it says Form 1088 and it will bring you to this link: https://gov/form1088/7. File a police report and then call the Verizon Unlawful Call Center at 800-518-5507 with the report number. Report it on all of the following websites: (replace the end number with the number that called you), (replace the 0s at the end with the area code of the number that called you and then find the specific number and click on it, it will bring you to a board where others have reported the same number and you can leave your own report). PDC does not leave the survey questions on an answering machine. Info about TCPA and how to sue the people who have been calling you: 8. Again if anyone has a better way to report this, please take all this info and do so and also post it so others can do the same. s an e-mail address for a woman who calls herself ? and claims that she will teach you how to sue these people for a fee. The Federal Do-Not-Call legislation does not appy to organizations that are not soliciting (selling or marketing something). PDC uses delivery verification through phone calls because of the cost and quality of this quality control method.

My caller id says he called from Florida, 321-779-3962. Here is a list of the websites from which I have gathered all the above info: There is a post claiming that the calls are coming from the PDC and they are simply trying to verify delivery of phone directories. Here is a copy of the post and the website where it can be found.

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