Who is jennette mccurdy dating 2016

She was in New York for the week promoting her Netflix show, Between, a post-apocalyptic YA tragedy that was picked up for a second season.

But she’s best known to millions of people under 23 (and their parents) as Sam Puckett, the sarcastic best friend on Nickelodeon’s teen show i Carly.

“I hate that so much,” Jennette Mc Curdy says after taking a sip of my drink, a Hendrick’s martini with a twist.

“It makes me hyperventilate.” Her face crumples like a piece of paper, and she chases the sip with her Moscow Mule, a drink she describes as so good it tastes “like Sprite.” A curtain of bangs frames her big cheeks and expressive eyes, making it easy to see how she thrived on Nickelodeon for so many years.

For her work in “i Carly” she received a 2010 Australian Kids Choice Award, 2011 Kids Choice Award, 2011 Kids Choice Award, and 2012 Kids Choice Award.

Nathan Kress was only 14 years old when he started filming the hit Nickelodeon show "i Carly." Soon, he became a household name, with his character Freddie Benson stuck in the midst of an internet ship war amongst fans.

She became popular enough to warrant her own spinoff, Sam and Cat — putting Mc Curdy alongside another Nickelodeon stalwart, Ariana Grande (who starred in 2009’s Victorious), as roommates who start a babysitting business together.We’re in a deep leather booth in Bemelmans Bar, underneath the soft glow of Madeline artist Ludwig Bemelmans’s murals of Central Park, listening to jazz by the Chris Gillespie trio.Bemelmans is impossibly adult but with a childlike whimsy, not unlike Mc Curdy herself, who turned 23 earlier this year.Jennette’s heritage consists of Irish, French, Swedish, Italian and English background.Jennette developed curiosity in acting after watching actor Harrison Ford in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

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