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The signature confirms that the package was signed by an authorized party.For example, if the verification of the signature fails, an error message such as the following is displayed: RPM packages may sometimes depend on other packages, which means that they require other packages to be installed to run properly.They can be identified by the name extension requests those packages that need to be installed to meet dependency requirements.In the background, the RPM database ensures that no conflicts arise—a specific file can only belong to one package.

You can select all packages that have names starting or ending with a certain string.

RPM is a RPM Package Manager (originally called Red Hat Package Manager).

Both Novell Suse Linux and Red Hat Linux support (Fedora Linux) uses rpm.

If you try to install a package which has an unresolved dependency, output similar to the following is displayed: If you are installing a package from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux CD-ROM set, it usually suggest the package(s) needed to resolve the dependency.

Find the suggested package(s) on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux CD-ROMs or from Red Hat Network , and add it to the command: option for installing kernel packages, because RPM replaces the previous kernel package.

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