Updating bios in ubuntu

Should do all the updates or just do the newest one? I don't know about your laptop (this is why I don't write this as an answer), but with nearly all Asus desktop mainboards, you don't need any special program to flash the BIOS.

In case we suffer from a BIOS bug that was resolved, and we need the BIOS to be upgraded we then need to know which OS is supported.

You may find that a newer BIOS will not really add any better performance to our exisiting and running system.

You can do it directly in the BIOS setup menu if you put the update file on a FAT formatted USB drive.

There's no reason not to do it from Windows, as long as the program is written properly it will work. Confirm you want to update the BIOS by pressing Enter. This page shows all the available methods for updating your BIOS and on the integrator kit pages you can find very good instructions on how to use it. They also offer a BIOS recovery method in case anything else fails. and burn the ISO to create a bootable CD or a USB flash drive, boot from it and update the BIOS with that method independently of which OS you are using.

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