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At the very least, there are raised eyebrows and sniggers; the most common reactions, to celebrities at least, are underpinned with cynicism.

And yet, here in Britain, a growing number of ordinary people – mostly men – are seeking help for what they believe is an addiction to sex.

When the US Senator Anthony Weiner resigned in June after sending explicit photographs of himself to Twitter followers, the internet was abuzz with questions about whether he was a sex addict.

When he asked for forgiveness for the "personal mistakes" he'd made to get the sexual highs that led to him losing the career he had fought hard to get, he was heckled, and shouts of "Pervert! An admission of this kind is, it seems, difficult for an audience to take seriously.

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Our recovery was not accomplished by methods that are commonly used in S. We found freedom by the methods espoused by the pioneers of the 12 Step program.

These precise methods can only be found in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Next stop was at World Youth Day in Krakw, Poland, July 2016.

Its final proffering, presumably in a completely evolved state, will be at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland, August 2018.

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