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Of streams, etc., from c.1200; of machinery, from 1560s.Meaning "be in charge of" is first attested 1861, originally American English."While whey protein is most known for its role in replenishing muscles quickly post-workout, casein is a much slower-acting protein, making cottage cheese an ideal snack before [you work out] because it allows your muscles to continue recovering even as you sleep." Cottage cheese is also packed with live cultures (good bacteria) that helps break down and absorb nutrients that can help make you bigger and stronger.Eat it plain or topped with fruit for breakfast or a midday snack.Here, nutritionist Kristen Carlucci, RD, highlights a range of foods you can eat at every meal of the day so you can enhance your workout recovery whether you like to exercise first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night.Stock your fridge and pantry with these ingredients, and start feeling the difference."Cottage cheese provides two different types of protein: whey and casein," Carlucci says.Meaning "continuous stretch" (of something) is from 1670s.

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På Running Dinner bliver man parret op med en person af modsatte køn, som man skal følges med.

Aftenen foregår ved, at man spiser forret, middag og dessert hos tre forskellige deltagere og med otte forskellige personer ved hvert måltid.

Meaning "the privilege of going through or over" is from 1755. Meaning "single trip by a railroad train" is from 1857. Meaning "total number of copies printed" is from 1909. Phrase meant "a flowing, a course, a watercourse." Modern sense of "small stream" first recorded 1580s, mostly Northern English dialect and American English.

Hver måned deltager 1.100 singler i datingkoncepterne Speeddating og Running Dinner. Koncepterne blev startet for 11 år siden, og medlemstallet stiger hele tiden, siger Michelle Hviid, der er står bag arrangementerne.

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suggests tart cherry juice can minimize post-run muscle pain, delay time to fatigue, and promote muscle recovery for runners; it also has the potential to improve performance and reduce post-exercise recovery time for lifters. "Eating dried tart cherries after workouts can dramatically reduce muscle breakdown, pain, and inflammation within the body," Carlucci says.

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