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My mother is a native New Yorker born on the island of Manhattan.

I am American by birth but British by naturalisation (I’ve lived in the UK for nearly half my life).

Iceland harnesses this geothermal energy in power plants located around the island.

These waters that run a constant 98-102 °F are rich in minerals like silica and sulfur that make it perfect for exfoliation and treating skin ailments, hallelujah!

The live stream of Almar’s ‘Naked in a Box’ art experiment is available on You Tube here.

We became fast friends and the weekend was in one word amazing.

Far from trying to conceal his efforts to pleasure himself, the controversial young artist from the Iceland Academy of the Arts opened himself up to complete artistic scrutiny by taking matters into his own hands in full view of the camera.

The live stream was cut for a time, as Almar’s actions were in contravention of You Tube rules.

And if you’re wondering, yes – your neighbor see your boobs if you press them up against it – I won’t say which side of that I was on. However, my belief is that it cures more than just skin diseases and hangovers.

I know a couple of people who skipped out on the Blue Lagoon’s magnificence and one who almost did because of the public nudity fear mongering. Three months before traveling to Iceland I suffered some nerve damage in my hand due to a freak flying trapeze incident and had lost all feeling in my left middle finger down to the palm. It’s easier for some but for people like me whose hair often gets stuck in her own waistband, tie it up on top of your head.

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