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James Franco gets candid about his sexuality and seemingly gay persona in the latest issue of Four Two Nine magazine, in which he interviews himself as "Straight James Franco" talking to "Gay James Franco." The 36-year-old actor has been the subject of gay rumors since he was in high school.

Now as a celebrity, his public image has become entwined with his ambiguous sexuality, bolstered by his taking on homoerotic roles and directing gay-centric films.

The last news from Francesco Carrozzini that includes Lana Del Rey was an interview he did with the Turkish newspaper on June 2.

At that time, Carrozzini stated about his “girlfriend” Lana Del Rey, “Seven months [ago], I moved to Los Angeles from New York for her” — and insinuates that they make a lot of sacrifices to spend time together despite her tour.

A source told Us Weekly the pair was "holding onto one another" while going through the "Walking Dead: Dead Inside" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw is the Law" haunted mazes.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's beach PDA Benson was last reported to be dating Justin Bieber's "swagger coach" Ryan Good.

If the thought of James Franco and Lana Del Rey coming out as a couple makes your heart stop, stay tuned to decide for yourself if they are hiding a secret romance.

Even Zachary Quinto, who plays opposite Franco in "I Am Michael," a film about former gay activist Michael Glatze, has been been coy about Franco's dalliances.

In Four Two Nine, Gay James Franco and Straight James Franco discuss the many facets of Franco himself.

Although it is clear that Lana Del Rey and Francesco were together in June, accusations that she is secretly together with James Franco have continued.

Somehow (and I should be thankful for this omission), I missed these atrocious photos of James Franco wearing a douche hat and douche glasses at Cannes.

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