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If you are feeling like you want to tell donald trump off and are frustrated because you can't get ahold of the real deal here is a acceptable substitute. Just your average Joe looking to meet people to talk to, open to anything and will answer any questions you have.

Unfortunately, in many organisations highly skilled and well educated customer service and technical support representatives spend considerable time dealing with trivial questions.It’s unclear how much of the technology to enable The Dream are available as part of the open web platform yet, but certainly the underlying enabling technologies are available via proprietary APIs.If I understand this question, it’s about a chatbot providing value in a group context.It continues to evolve to take advantage of the latest innovations in technology and changes made by Facebook, Microsoft and other leading providers of popular messaging applications.The design of the Talania platform follows three key principles: Unified extensible interface for interaction with various messengers – this provides business users with a single channel of communication with customers regardless of what messenger they have.

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