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Marty: No, no..then they all sang "Closer I Am To Fine" together in this big great lezzie jam and that is such a memory song for me! Marty: Yeah, and then Ellen De Generes came out and did this bit about being in the closet when she was young and I was like "AAAAAAHHHH!!! Rico: I don't know like "ladies having sex with each other" gay. " [She jumps a couple of times] Rico: Were there any guys there?He is Jewish; his maternal grandfather, industrial psychologist and philanthropist Alfred J.Marrow, served as the executive chair of the American Jewish Congress.

" [Jumps and lands besides Rico on the couch] Rico: And how was the actual concert? And her girlfriend came out and sang something with her and they showed slides of their kids and it was so inspiring!"But looking back, it's a relief to stop while you're ahead.It's easier to start that back up again than to exhume a corpse." She went on to say that the band was careful to make the new album live up to the standard of their old work. "We're touring for an album -- not for a legacy," Brownstein said. And there were tables were you could sign like...petitions for, female, circumcisions...stop, and, and Suze Orman was there and she had this booth for gay mortgages and there were all this girls in athletic tank tops and I was like "Oh, my God! It was like all this women packed in there, you know, and they were all like in every shape and size and they were all singing and bonding!

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