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Meanwhile, tension between Samuel (Coco Martin) and Franco (Jake Cuenca) will surely heat up in “Ikaw Lamang” now that Mona is gone.How far will Samuel go to get the justice that his wife deserves? You know you have it bad, when you wake up next to the guy you’re dating, roll over and say, “Honey, I have to buy yellow shoes.” 3. Go on over to Betty for celebrity, health, love and sex stuff you can use! For awhile when I was little she worked in a showroom at 1407 Broadway- one summer when I was 11,she dragged me to the showroom every day. We’d go shopping and if I liked something, she’d ask me why, then flip the garment inside out to show me how it was constructed. Being chased through a dark forest by monsters wearing polyester. The dress is family friendly and works for spending time with your extended clan. Pair the dress with Sam Edelman’s Zoya bootie (5). Kim Kardashian glows in this Brian Lichtenberg one shoulder padded dress in red leopard velvet (8) Show off your bodacious bod like Demi Lovato did in the magenta Alice Olivia one shoulder ruched skirt dress. The guy and I were talking about music (I used to be a rock writer), in the middle of the conversation, he looks at me and says, “I hate it when a chick knows more bands than I do.” Oh, I’m sorry; I left my stupid cap at home. When I wake up in the middle of the night its because I’ve had a nightmare that I’m ___ . Written by Guest Editor: PJ Gach Step away from the LBD this holiday season and shine in jewel tones at any holiday event. It’s also a basic item and you’re anything but basic, right? So shimmery in blue, red, emerald, gold, heck grab the colors of the rainbow- just don’t wear them all at once and have fun! Her Boulee Rhianna dress in fuchsia (9) brightens up the room and adds a glorious flush of color to her skin. Check out how Dakota Fanning amped up her casual outfit with those babies. Steal the scene in this lilac Naven Bombshell mini dress (5) that Kristin Cavallari wore to an event Jeffrey Stepakoff For Lily Davis, being the daughter of a Coke executive has its rewards.For one, she and her family are treated almost as royalty in Toccoa, Georgia.

My family’s been in NYC for ages; my great something grandfather was the first person to have a car, thereby making it unsafe for future generations of NYers to cross the street. I think Vionnet was a genius and adored Alexander Mc Queen’s sensibility- I cried myself silly when he died and I didn’t know him. If I had to steal a job, it would have to be Ralph Rucci’s- but then again- he’s such a brilliant designer, I couldn’t even design a sleeve the way he does. Vanessa Hudgens’ been spotted wearing Melinda Maria mini pod bangles in white diamond CZ (5). Where are you going to stick your lippie, gum, keys and other important stuff?

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It’s glittery goodness is prefect for a night on the town and you can toss in a pair of foldable flats if your sky high heels can’t keep up with you.

Will he continue to wage war against Franco and Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) now that the lives of his loved ones are at risk?

How will Mona’s death change the lives of Samuel, Franco, and Isabelle (Kim Chiu)?

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